At J&D Home Improvements we realize that utmost quality roofing is important to you.

We are fully prepared and experienced to handle any magnitude assignment. Beautiful appearance is only part of the work that our roof experts do. We also provide roof repairs, together with residential roofing services. Your new roofing will be durable, weather resistant, and most importantly it will not leak. New roofing will also improve your home’s attractiveness, and value while guarding it for years to come. We do all types of commercial roofing we well as residential roofing such as flat roof, metal roofs, shingle roof, concrete roof, EPDM, 4-Ply roof etc.

With over 70 years of experience, our experts will help you choose the best solutions and products for your roofing needs. We take pride in knowing we can offer you the “Complete Roof”, guaranteed with no worries about leaks or fast deterioration. Plus, we guarantee no subcontractors, and we fully inspect all our work.

Call J&D if you notice:

Any water or leaks in attics / bedrooms
Noticeable problem spots
Roof and shingle decay
Stains on inside walls

Our Roofs Save Money!





We Do 

  • Roof Replacement & Repair
  • E-Leak Leak Repair Insulation
  •  Metal
  • Gutters
  • Leaders
  • Soffit/ Facia
  • Ruberoid Bitumen Systems
  • Skylights
  • Gravel-surface roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • Shingle Roofs
  • Slate Roofs
  • Hot & Cold Roofs
  • Tile Roofs
  • 3-Ply & 4-Ply Roof Systems
  • Single-Ply Roof Systems



We strive to provide quality roofing that lasts for years. Our expert team roofers are ready to solve your re-roofing problems! We strive to complete all projects within minimum time frame. Each and every roof provides unique tasks, like the slope, square footage, number of layers, surroundings, underlayment structure and many more. J&D provides on-site re-roof assessment, and a true estimate of your requirements.